Trans Day of Remembrance 2015

tdor2015x755x There are many posts on my blog regarding Trans Day of Remembrance so I will not repeat the historical information about TDoR again here. Instead I feel it is more important to point out that even though this year we have seen more people come out as transgender or gender variant than ever before, and even though we have seen FAR more positive portrayals of transgender and gender variant people across all forms of media than ever before, we have also seen THE HIGHEST number of reported murders of transgender & gender variant people than ever before, especially trans women of color. THIS HAS TO STOP!!! Create change people! Be VISABLY supportive of people of all genders, do not stand silent as people make fun of, or spread hate about trans, intersex and gender variant people. Protect the rights of ALL humans to be exactly who they know themselves to be!

And on Nov 20th, “hold in your heart all of the transgender individuals who have made the brave move to be seen for who they truly are, as well as those who are still too afraid to be their authentic selves. Hold in your heart the families and loved ones of those individuals whose bravery was met with misunderstanding, ignorance, fear and anger. Even hold in your heart those who are unaware, ignorant and afraid, in the hope that they will understand and find compassion and love.” <adapted from the writings of  Rev. Paul Langston-Daley>

UNITED STATES VICTIMS LOST IN 2015 (*are shown in the picture)

*Died 10/15/15  Zella Ziona (Age 21)  Shot in the head – Gaithersburg, MD

*Died 10/6/15  Kiesha Jenkins (Age 22)  Assaulted by 5-6 men, shot in the back – Philly, PA

*Died 8/15/15  Tamara Dominguez (Age 36)  Repeatedly run over by a truck – Kansas City, MO

*Found 8/13/15   Elisha Walker (Age 20)  Blunt force trauma, found in a shallow grave in Smithfield, NC grave months after she was reported missing. She was from Salisbury NC.

*Died 8/11/15  Kandis Capri (Age 35)  Multiple gunshots – Phoenix, AZ

*Died 8/8/15  Amber Monroe (Age 20)  Shot to death. (She had been shot twice in her life previously and was afraid to report them)  Detroit, MI

*Died 7/14/15  Ashton O’Hara (Age 25)   Stabbed to death, run over by vehicle – Detroit, MI

Found 7/29/15  Shade Schuler (Age 22)  Undisclosed cause, her body was so badly decomposed when found and it took 2 weeks for them to identify her – Dallas, TX

Died 7/24/15  K.C. Haggard (Age 66)  Multiple stab wounds to the neck – Fresno, CA

*Died 7/21/15  India Clarke (Age 22)  Beaten & shot in the head and arm –  Tampa, FL

Died 6/23/15  Jasmine Collins (Age 32)  Multiple stab wounds –  Kansas City, MO

*Died 5/30/15  Mercedes Williamson (Age 17)  Stabbed to death & buried in a field on the attackers fathers property – George County, MS

*Died 5/8/15  London Chanel (Age 21) Stabbed in the back and neck – Philly, PA

*Died 3/7/2015  Keyshia Blige (Age 33)  Shot while driving – Aurora, IL

*Died 2/15/15  Kristina Gomez Reinwald (AKA: Kristina Grant Infiniti) (Age 47)  Stabbed to  death – Miami, FL

*Died 2/13/15  Bri Golec (Age 22)  Stabbed to death by her own father – Akron, OH

*Died 2/10/15  Penny Proud (Age 21)  Shot multiple times – Tremé, New Orleans, LA

*Died 2/8/15  Taja Gabrielle DeJesus (Age 36)  Multiple stab wounds – San Francisco, CA

Died 1/26/15  Michelle (Yazmin) Vash Payne (Age 33)  Stabbed multiple times and left in her burning apartment – Los Angeles, CA

*Died 1/26/15  Ty Underwood (Age 24)  Shot in car while fleeing from her attacker – Tyler, TX

*Died 1/17/15  Lamia Beard (Age 30)  Shot and left for dead – Norfolk, VA

Died 1/9/15  Papi Edwards (Age 20)  Gunshot to the chest – Louisville, KY

*Died 12/6/15  Keymori Johnson (Age 24)  Multiple gunshots – Albany, GA

*Died 12/3/15  Deshawnda Sanchez (Age 21)  Multiple gunshots – Los Angeles, CA

For more details of these 2015 tragedies see the below:


One comment on “Trans Day of Remembrance 2015

  1. An appallingly tragic list. We WILL remember them.


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